Position Name Job Belong Tel E-mail
Senior Manager Lim, Jong Hee In charge of overall affairs of school administration Administrative Office 052-217-3521 jhlim@unist.ac.kr
Staff Lee, Sanghyun Faculty recruitment and personnel, overseas trip /Planning/Space Administrative Office 052-217-3522 sanghyun@unist.ac.kr
Staff Kim, Hee Jung Organize the event/Public Relations/Budget Administrative Office 052-217-3523 bluekiki@unist.ac.kr
Staff Kim, Jiyoon Educational Affairs/General affairs Administrative Office 052-217-3525 jiyoonkim@unist.ac.kr
Staff Ban, Hanbyeol Research Support Administrative Office 052-217-3526 glorystar@unist.ac.kr
Staff Jeong, Soo Ho Equipment/Facility/Safety/IT Administrative Office 052-217-3529 flyhigh01@unist.ac.kr
Staff Go, Yuri Research Support Administrative Office 052-217-3527 goyuri1@unist.ac.kr
Staff Park, Seyoung Research Support Administrative Office 052-217-3530 sypark@unist.ac.kr