Students in Advanced Materials Science(AMS) track will learn how the structure is controlled during the manufacturing process by various chemical, thermal, mechanical, electrical and other treatments. AMS track is directed towards understanding of various materials such as metals, ceramics, semiconductors, polymers and hybrid materials at both macroscopic and microscopic scale. Advanced materials in this area include structural materials covering cars, aerospace and ships, electronic materials covering semiconductors and displays, and energy materials covering solar cells, fuel cells, batteries and supercapacitors. We expect the students to play a key role in a wide range of modern science, technologies and industrial fields based on the knowledge of materials science and engineering.


연구이미지 Students in Nano Materials Engineering (NME) track will learn the basic knowledges of nano materials science and engineering. NME track is directed towards understanding of various nano materials, nano structures and its applications mostly in the nano regime. Nano materials design and synthesis, nano processing and nano devices fabrications are in the scope of this specialized track. We envision that the students will pioneer realization of nano materials in modern nano science and technologies based on the knowledge of nano materials.