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No. Author Photo Title Journal
35 Jinsung Kwak (Advisors: Soon-Yong Kwon & Zonghoon Lee) Single-Crystalline Nanobelts Composed of Transition Metal Di… Advanced Materials 30, 1707260
34 Jinsung Kwak, Se-Yang Kim, Yongsu Jo (Advisor: Soon-Yong Kwon) Unraveling the Water Impermeability Discrepancy in CVD-Grown… Advanced Materials 30, 1800022 (Inside Front Cover Article)
33 Amit Sanger, Sung Bum Kang (Advisor: Kyoung Jin Choi) Morphology-Controlled Aluminum-Doped Zinc Oxide Nanofibers f… Advanced Science 2018, 1800816
32 Sung Bum Kang (Advisor: Kyoung Jin Choi) Transfer of ultrathin molybdenum disulfide and transparent n… Nano energy 2018, 50, 649-658
31 Byeong Wan An, Sanghyun Heo, Sangyoon Ji, Franklin Bien, and Jang-Ung Park Transparent and Flexible Fingerprint Sensor Array with Multi… Nature Communications (2018)
30 Sang-Woo Kim, Byeong Wan An, Eunjin Cho, Byung Gwan Hyun, Yoon-Jong Moon, Sun-Kyung Kim, and Jang-Ung Park A Full-Visible-Spectrum Invisibility Cloak for Mesoscopic Me… Nano Letters(2018)
29 Jihun Park, Joohee Kim, So-Yun Kim (Advisor: Jung Heon Lee, Franklin Bien, Jang-Ung Park) Soft, smart contact lenses with integrations of wireless cir… Science Advances, 4(1), eaap9841 (2018)
28 Fredrick Kim (Advisor : Jae Sung Son) 3D printing of shape-conformable thermoelectric materials us… Nature Energy (2018)
27 Jinsung Kwak, Yongsu Jo, Soon-Dong Park (Advisors: Sung Youb Kim, Soon-Yong Kwon) Oxidation behavior of graphene-coated copper at intrinsic gr… Nature Communications 8, 1549 (2017)
26 Sung Bum Kang (Advisor: Kyoung Jin Choi) Self-Assembled, Highly Crystalline Porous Ferroelectric Poly… Nano energy 2017, 41, 243-250
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