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66 Conjugated organic molecules for organic solar cell applicat… 2016-06-27 pm 03:00 EB1 E101 Min Sang Kwon
65 [MSE Special Seminar] Computational NanoBio Technology A Way… 2016-06-10 pm 04:00 EB1 E103 Han Gi Chae
64 Recent Developments of Rare-Earth-Free-Hard-Magnetic Materia… 2016-06-02 pm 04:00 EB1 E207 Ki-Suk Lee
63 Phase Field Model and its Applications 2016-05-26 pm 04:00 EB1 E207 Sukbin Lee
62 Material Design on Keyboard 2016-05-19 pm 04:00 EB1 E207 Ju-Young Kim
61 Confined excitons in Monolayer TMDs 2016-05-12 pm 04:00 EB1 E207 Jung-Woo Yoo
60 Heteroepitaxial grwoth of monolayer semiconductors for two-d… 2016-04-14 pm 04:00 EB1 E207 Kyoung-Jin Choi
59 All-inorganic Nanocrystals;Synthesis, Surface Engineering an… 2016-04-07 pm 4:00 EB1 E207 Jae Sung Son
58 Surface engineering of two-dimensional atomic crystals for p… 2016-03-31 pm 04:00 EB1, E207 Jeong-Min Baik
57 Future Lighting: Chances & Challenges of OLEDs(Dr. Johannes … 2016-03-24 am 10:00 EB1, E207 Prof. Min Sang Kwon
56 Environment-sensitive fatigue and fracture(Prof. Sangshik Ki… 2016-03-17 pm 04:00 EB1, E207 Prof. Sung Soo Park
55 A New Lead-free Piezoelectric BiFeO3-bAtIO3 Ceramics System(… 2016-03-10 pm 04:00 EB1, E207 Prof. Wook Jo
54 Spin Transport in a Strong Spin-orbit Interaction System 2015-12-10 pm 04:00 EB1 E207 Jung Woo Yoo
53 Hydrogen in Advanced High Strength Steels 2015-12-03 pm 04:00 EB1 E207 Ju-Young Kim
52 Biomedical Applications of Upconverting Nanoparticles 2015-11-26 pm 04:00 EB1 E207 Jae Sung Son
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