Introduction to the advanced application of EBSD technology (Dong-Ik Kim, KIST)

Dong-Ik Kim
2014-03-28 pm 04:00 / EB1, E207

Introduction to the advanced application of EBSD technology


Dong-Ik Kim

High Temperature Energy Materials Research Center

Korea Institute of Science and Technology


Electron Back Scattered Diffraction (EBSD) technique is a technique to acquire a diffraction pattern in scanning electron microscopy. It was originally introduced to analyze the crystal orientation of grains so the usage of the technique was confined to the statistical interpretation of average crystal orientation of materials. Now days the applications of EBSD are emerging to the various fields such as phase analysis, dislocation structure analysis and grain characteristics analysis which first defines grains from EBSD data and analyses properties of grains e.g. stored energy inside grain, taylor factor, and misorientation distributions.

In this presentation, selected advanced application of EBSD technique will be introduced. In in-situ EBSD application, orientation mapping during heating and deformation to understand the microstructural evolution mechanism will be introduced and in chemically assisted phase identification application, phase discrimination of phases with same crystal structures that was impossible with conventional EBSD analysis will be presented.

Additionally two recent advances in EBSD technique will be briefly introduced. 3D-EBSD that acquiring 3D microstructure with orientation information in focused ion beam is a promising technique in the grain boundary structure analysis. Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction is a new approach to overcome the resolution limit of EBSD technique.


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