IBS-MSE Joint Seminar(Moon J. Kim & Robert M.Wallace, University of Texas at Dallas)

Moon J. Kim & Robert M. Wallace
2014-05-20 pm 01:20 / EB2, E104

IBS-MSE Joint Seminar will be held by Prof.Moon J.Kim & Prof.Robert M.Wallace from University of Texas at Dallas.


♦ 13:20~14:20 (Lecturer : Prof. Moon J. Kim)
Nano & Beyond
Abstract : I will present an overview of current TEM-based state-of-the-art capabilities enabling comprehensive analysis of nanostructures including 0D, 1D and 2D layered materials. Unique in-situ TEMbased techniques such as heating, electrical and mechanical probing, liquid-cell and 3D tomography will also be presented. Examples of functional heterogeneous devices fabricated by wafer bonding technology will also be given and discussed in light of new device integration opportunities.

♦ 14:20~15:20 (Lecturer : Prof. Robert M. Wallace)
Properties and Characterization of 2D Materials

Abstract : Two-dimensional (2D) materials, such as graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), are under exploration and development for advanced device applications and flexible electronics. Their unique properties provide opportunities for transparent electrodes as well as high performance thin film transistors. This talk will present our recent research on the materials properties and characterization strategies for 2D materials surfaces and interfaces. The merits of in-situ characterization will be presented to enable a fundamental understanding of device component interfaces and surfaces, and compared to more conventional ex-situ characterization typically required during fabrication.