Date Title Attach
2023-12 07
High Performance Fibres with Nanomaterials
16:00 104-E206 Prof. Won Jun Lee(Dankook University)
2023-11 23
Revolutionary Memory Technologies
16:00 104-E206 Vice President, Seiyon Kim(SK hynix)
2023-11 16
Ab-initio simulation for light-induced electron dynamics in solids
16:00 Online(Zoom) Prof. Sato Shunsuke(University of Tsukuba)
2023-11 09
Process & Equipment Development for Advanced Technology at Tokyo Electron Limited
16:00 104-E206 Vice President, Youngwoo Park(TEL Korea)
2023-11 02
Towards the Physics of Artificial Intelligence
16:00 Online(Zoom) Dr. Jaehoon Lee(Google DeepMind)
2023-10 26
The Industrial Ecosystem of Si Chips and Atomic Layer Deposition as a Key Nanofabrication Technology
16:00 104-E206 Prof. Hang-Bo-Ram Lee
2023-10 12
Understanding dislocation dynamics through transmission electron microscopy
16:00 104-E206 Prof. Sung Dae Kim(Pukyong National University)
2023-10 05
Contact and doping engineering for 2D materials based devices
16:00 104-E206 Prof. Min Sup Choi(Chungnam National University)
2023-09 21
Introduction to evaluation technology development for design and manufacture of liquid hydrogen storage vessels
16:00 104-E206 Dr. Seung Gun Lee(KIMS)
2023-09 14
Introduction to Spintronics
16:00 104-E206 Dr. Kyoung Whan Kim(KIST)