Single-Crystalline Nanobelts Composed of Transition Metal Ditellurides
Jinsung Kwak (Advisors: Soon-Yong Kwon & Zonghoon Lee)
Advanced Materials 30, 1707260

Following the celebrated discovery of graphene, considerable attention has been directed toward the rich spectrum of properties offered by van der Waals crystals. However, studies have been largely limited to their 2D properties due to lack of 1D structures. Here, the growth of high-yield, single-crystalline 1D nanobelts composed of transition metal ditellurides at low temperatures (T ≤ 500 °C) and in short reaction times (t ≤ 10 min) via the use of tellurium-rich eutectic metal alloys is reported. The synthesized semimetallic 1D products are highly pure, stoichiometric, structurally uniform, and free of defects, resulting in high electrical performances. Furthermore, complete compositional tuning of the ternary ditelluride nanobelts is achieved with suppressed phase separation, applicable to the creation of unprecedented low-dimensional materials/devices. This approach may inspire new growth/fabrication strategies of 1D layered nanostructures, which may offer unique properties that are not available in other materials.