About Us


The Department of Materials Science and Engineering(MSE) is an interdisciplinary field which emphasizes the study on the interrelationship among processing, structure, and properties in materials.

One who is in this discipline will be able to identify the key issues and strategies for any given challenges in materials development, based on deep understanding of the interrelationship. To this end, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers a range of subjects from fundamentals such as Thermodynamics in Materials and Crystallography to up-to-dated advanced courses covering specific topics such as next generation semiconductors, energy conversion materials, and flexible materials.


The MSE fosters the next genertaion leadership through self-motivated and interdisciplinary research and education, leading the field as a frontier for the cutting-edge technology boosted by in-depth fundamental and practical research. Our research and education philosophy is built on a balanced focus on fundamental understanding and applied practice of all material classes covering metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites with a special emphasis on next generation semiconductor materials and devices and advanced materials science.


Our community members, trained by the courses based on out-of-textbook thinking and problem-solving-oriented approach, will be able to contribute to the society with creative and beneficial engineering solutions to the contemporary material issues.