Research Center

미래반도체연구센터 정보
Center for Future Semiconductor Technology


Future Semiconductor Technology (FUST) R&D center focuses on research and development of technology related to semiconductors as well as semiconductor materials and their actual utilization and aims at convergence research including the application of materials, elements, circuit, and systems. Therefore, it aims to be operated without interdisciplinary barriers as physics, materials, semiconductors, electron, computers, etc. participate and make a contribution to future semiconductors by building the open research system which can cooperate with every country as schools, research centers, and companies participate.
Through a start in 2019, it will make a contribution to accelerating the age of More Moore (Ultimate Scaling Technology) and More Than More (AI, IoT, Security, etc.) based on the young and excellent research team of UNIST (professors/researchers/students). It will support the entire process of semiconductors by utilizing Nano-Fab. With Clean Room(Class 100~1,000) facilities of 1000m2 to make studies actively conducted and will lead research, development, commercialization of future semiconductor technology by being fully equipped with the central research facilities which have a world-class level of analytical equipment and the systems and software facilities which research element measurement, semiconductor design, and application of semiconductors.
In addition, it will be a cradle of nurturing indispensable major talent for the semiconductor field through industrial and academic scholarship student projects, tracks of semiconductor contracts, department management, researcher job training certification programs, commissioned education projects, etc. by making an effort in the field to nurture talent and thro industry.
UNIST-FEI 원자 이미징 센터 정보
NIST-FEI Atomic Imaging Center
UNIST-FEI Atomic Imaging Center led by Prof. Zonghoon Lee is a collaborative electron microscopy center between UNIST, one of the leading research universities in South Korea and FEI Company, a leading electron microscope manufacturer.
The Titan G2 60-300 microscope is being heralded world-wide as the best performing TEM at accelerating voltages suitable for research on carbon-based nano-materials especially when fitted with the unique monochromator. As such and to increase its exposure in the region, FEI Company installed such a system at UNIST Central Research Facility, one of the leading research facilities in South Korea. Moreover the single largest driver in TEM development has always been the feed-back from real-world application needs and the proposed alliance will ensure that the specific needs of the South Korean research community will be taken into account.
This collaborative center pursues the research on the atomic scale imaging for carbon-based nano-materials and exploring various advanced materials. We strive to study the microstructures of materials and related properties in the field of materials science at atomic scale.
KIST-UNIST 울산융합소재센터 정보
KIST-UNIST 울산융합소재센터
KIST-UNIST Ulsan Center for Convergent Materials’ was founded in September 2012 based on funding from UNIST, Ulsan Metropolitan City, and KIST with missions of developing convergent materials and their application into energy and environmental technologies. The Center launched 4 research and 1 technology-transfer projects with funding of $18.5 billion until 2017.
A total of world-class 21 papers, including 1 Nature Chemistry, 1 Nature Photonics, and 2 Advanced Materials, were published during the 1st year of research. Also, the Center will launch a commercialization project with an aim to transfer of matured energy/environment technologies
developed in this center to local companies in Ulsan City, which is expected to contribute “Creative Economy” of Korea and competitiveness of Ulsan as “Korea’s Industrial Capital
극한성능 섬유소재 사업단
극한성능 섬유소재 사업단
극한성능 섬유소재 사업단은 신규 공중합 수지를 이용한 파라계 공중합 아라미드 섬유 제조 및 이를 이용한 복합재료 제조에 대한 원천기술 개발 연구를 수행하고 있다.

  • 분자설계기술을 이용한 극한성능 공중합 아라미드 고분자 수지와 섬유 제조 원천기술 개발
  • 복합재용 극한성능 유기섬유 부직포 중간재 설계 및 제조 기술 개발

본 사업단은 극한성능 공중합 아라미드 섬유 원천기술 및 중간재, 복합재 등 응용제품 기술을 통해 지식재산권을 확보하여 국가 기술 경쟁력 증대하기위해 각 기관 간 긴밀한 연구협력으로 기존에 상용화된 아라미드 섬유와 차별된 제품군 확립, 광섬유보강재, 고무보강제품, 자동차 부품 등 응용제품을 개발하여 화학산업, 소재·부품·장비산업 고도화에 기여하는 것을 목표로 하고있다.

헬름홀츠 율리히 미래에너지혁신연구 센터 소개
헬름홀츠 율리히 미래에너지혁신연구 센터 소개
  • 통합형 이차전지 기술 결합을 통한 연구 효과 극대화
  • 유기/무기/ 하이브리드 텐덤형 이차전지
  • 세계적 수준의 분석장비 및 분석 기법 개발
  • 교효율 금속-산소 배터리 개발
  • 패로브스카이트 태양광 이차전지 기술 결합